Physics Question of the Day [PQOTD]

Physics Question of The Day” is an activity introduced by our founder Deepesh Mishra to inculcate the habit of doing atleast one Physics Question everyday by the students.

We have started this activity from the session 2018-2019 and we are proud to say that during the last session of 2019-2020, our students have practised 365+ questions with the success rate of 68.73%. This activity has not just helped students to increase engagement ratios with the subject but also helped them to increase their confidence level.

In this activity, every student receives one physics question every day through WhatsApp / Email. These questions are prepared by our expert team at LETXY Education, they are as per the topics which are being covered during the class. The approach of the questions is from easy to moderate and then to the difficult ones. The questions are mostly concept based or numerical. Generally, we ignore the theory-based questions in PQOTD.

If you want to know more about the PQOTD then please write to us on — help [at] or Contact Us through this Page