CBSE Physic Class XII Term 1 Question Paper 2021

Question Paper Code – 055/2/4
SET – 4
Delhi Region

Section – A


A negatively charged object X is repelled by another charged object Y. However an object Z is attracted to object Y. Which of the following is the most possibility for the object Z?
a) positively charged only
b) negatively charged only
c) neutral or positively charged
d) neutral or negatively charged


In an experiment three microscopic latex spheres are sprayed into a chamber and became charged with charges +3e, +5e and -3e respectively. All the three spheres came in contact simultaneously for a moment and got separated. Which one of the following are possible values for the final charges on the spheres?
a) +5e, -4e, +5e
b) +6e, +6e, -7e
c) -4e, +3.5e, +5.5e
d) +5e, -8e, +7e


An object has a charge of 1C and gains 5.0×10^18 electrons. The net charge on the object becomes —
a) -0.80 C
b) +0.80 C
c) +1.80 C
d) +0.20 C


Kirchhoff’s first rule ΣI=0 and second rule ΣIR=ΣE (where the symbols have their usual meanings) are respectively based on —
a) conservation of momentum and conservation of charge.
b) conservation of energy, conservation of charge.
c) conservation of charge, conservation of momentum.
d) conservation of charge, conservation of energy.


The electric power consumed by a 220V-100W bulb when operated at 110V is
a) 25 W
b) 30 W
c) 35 W
d) 45 W


Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient of resistivity?
a) metal
b) metal and semiconductor
c) semiconductor
d) metal and alloy.


Two wires carrying currents I1 and I2 lie, one slightly above the other, in a horizontal plane as shown in figure. The region of vertically upward strongest magnetic field is
a) I
b) II
c) III
d) IV


Two parallel conductors carrying current of 4.0 A and 10.0 A are placed 2.5 cm apart in vacuum. The force per unit length between them is —
a) 6.4×10^-5 N/m
b) 6.4×10^-2 N/m
c)4.6×10^-4 N/m
d) 3.2×10^-4 N/m


If an ammeter is to be used in place of a voltmeter, then we must connect with the ammeter as —
a) low resistance in parallel
b) low resistance in series
c) high resistance in parallel
d) high resistance in series


The magnetic field at the centre of a current carrying circular loop of radius R, is B1. The magnetic field at a point on its axis at a distance R from the center of the loop is B2. Then the ratio (B1/B2) is
a) 2√2
b) 1/√2
c) √2
d) 2